Home Care Retail Pack

Home Care Retail Pack

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- 14ml ETHOS Kiwi Scrub
- 14ml ETHOS Vitamin Dose
- 14ml ETHOS Lavender Base
- 14ml ETHOS Almond Oil
- Thin Black File
- BIO SCULPTURE Remover Sachets x12

Direction for use:

1# Removal

Gel Removal 

  • Remove the top layers of gel from the nail using the Think Black File to remove all shine from the nail.
  • Apply a drop of Almond Oil to the nail.
  • Tear open one side of the Remover Sachet as indicated.
  • Remove the plastic strip exposing a sticky layer.
  • Insert the fingertip and place the nail underneath the wet cotton wipe.
  • Wrap the sachet tightly around the fingertip.
  • After 15-20 mins, remove the sachet.
  • Use the Thin Black File to push and remove the soaked gel from nails gently.
  • Wash hands to remove excess products.

Nail Polish Removal

  • Tear open the Remover Sachet; use the cotton wipe inside the sachet and wipe on nails to remove the nail polish.

2# Nail Shaping

  • Use the thin Black File to shape the free edge of your nails.

3# Nail Plate Preparation

  • Use your Thin Black File to push back cuticles gently and use circular movements around the cuticle area and sides of the nail to remove dead skin cells.

4# Kiwi Scrub Exfoliation

  • Apply Kiwi Scrub to each nail.
  • Massage gently in circular movements on the nail plate, cuticle area and surrounding skin, removing dead skin and rehydrating the nails.
  • Wash hands to remove excess products.

5# Vitamin Dose

  • Apply a drop of Vitamin Dose on a nail wipe and dab into nails to rejuvenate, moisturise and nourish nails.

6# Lavender Base Application

  • Apply one coat under the nail polish, allowing the rosemary leaf extract to restore weak nails.
  • Air dry for 2 mins.
  • Apply two coats for a lovely soft lilac shade.

7# Almond Oil

  • Massage a drop of Almond Oil into the nail and surrounding skin to nourish and moisturise nails.

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