Direct Dashboard Portal:
How does this Affiliate Program work? 
Step 1: 
Receive Sign Up Link
BIO SCULPTURE Qualified Nail Technicians to receive a Signup Link from their Distributor.
Step 2: 
Create Account
The technician creates her account and waits for her account to be approved. 
Step 3: 
Account Approved & Setup
Account Approved, and the technician has access to her account and can edit her profile to her taste and add banking detail to receive payments.
Step 4: 
The technician sends out her Referral Link, Discount Link, and Discount Coupon to friends, family, and customers via Social Platforms, Messaging Platforms, and other marketing tools.
Step 5: 
Customer Purchase
Customers purchase products on BIO SCULPTURE's Online Store with Technicians Referral Link, Discount Link, or Discount Coupon.
Step 6: 
Receive Commission
Technicians earn 30% of the order amount, and that client gets connected to the technician affiliate profile.
Step 7: 
Receive passive income AGAIN
If the same customers buy on the online store in the future, the technician will again receive the commission even though the customer did not use the referral link, discount link, or discount coupon code.
Step 8: 
Commission Payout
The technician receives her commission. 
This Affiliate Program is exclusive to Qualified BIO SCULPTURE Nail Technicians